My Cold Journey Through Darkness

by Nyctophilia



This EP was recorded between January and April 2015
Vocals by Grief
All instruments and Effects by Grief
Bass on Of Winter Cold And Death by Rotten Bastard
Mixed by Grief and Mastered by Dan Taylor


released May 2, 2015

Thanks to Iter Pactum for support and to LIK band promo/records for support and promotion also to the winter, sorrow and mighty darkness...



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Nyctophilia Poland

Nyctophilia is one-man Depressive, Atmospheric Black Metal from
Poland, created in dark December of 2014.
With concept around nature, darkness, Satanism and emotional bond to the spiritual world and death it will take you on a journey to the unknown realms of your mind and soul
Submit to Death
Submit to Darkness...

''Above all, there stands Nature the creator of my soul''
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Track Name: My Cold Journey Through Darkness
In my cold journey
Through my mind
Filled with chaos
I am waiting...

My mind slowly collapses
As darkness devours me
There is no escape
Once you entered these gates
This abyss called world

I praise them i hate them
I can feel...i know
This is agony of my soul
So old, Is this the end?

I can feel her call
Is it the pain of my mental thoughts
I can't put to rest
Like colorless autmnal leaves
Casted in chaos by winds
Fading like ashes
My mind slowly collapses...
Track Name: Walk In Frozen Woods
In my dream of eternal life
Glimpse of beauty i saw
The lunar light sparked the sky
As i entered the frozen woods

Silver glow of the snow
Covered the trees so dark
Their whisper fills my soul
Like the fog travelling this world
As it goes through the land of dark

Over this land the moon shines
He is the one that leads me
Through the forest, cold and dark
So dark as my heart And cold as my soul
It reflects the beauty of this land
While I'm walking through Frozen Woods

I want to stay here, this is my land
Covered in eternal dark
Of the Night's hand
Endless journey i carried to long
Only in my dreams i can walk
In Frozen Woods!
Track Name: Of Winter, Cold And Death...
Winter...So cold, Oh so beautifully black
Winter.. she haunts my soul
Forever trapped inside divine dark
hearing calls from the past

Oh can you hear the call...

Winter... can she please my desires for dark
Forever trapped inside divine dark
Of my soul which is so cold
So long lasts calls of the past
Will they enter my soul
To please my hunger

I close my eyes i feel the cold
Winter devours my soul
Like citadel of death she calls for me
I can't resist this temptation...