Forever Bonded In Suffering

by Nyctophilia



This album is offering a deep ascension into darkest realms of our minds and souls.
No empathy, no regrets just pain and eternal darkness

All instruments, mixing and mastering - Grief
Vocals and Lyrics - Grief




released April 14, 2016

Thanks to Ravenna Pictures for making album art and Winterwolf Records for making this release happen on CD
Except that there is no one to thanks, fuck off and take your life away
Hail Darkness
Hail Death

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Nyctophilia Poland

Nyctophilia is one-man Depressive, Atmospheric Black Metal from
Poland, created in dark December of 2014.
With concept around nature, darkness, Satanism and emotional bond to the spiritual world and death it will take you on a journey to the unknown realms of your mind and soul
Submit to Death
Submit to Darkness...

''Above all, there stands Nature the creator of my soul''
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Track Name: Eternally Forgotten
Im alone
Abandoned in the cold
Forever forgotten
Like wind of ages ago

I summon the winter

Cold is freezing my veins
Open wide from deepest cuts
Im slowely decending
In to obscure void
Of darkest thoughts

From fields whipped by rain
I can hear the roar of darkness

For my cry will endlessly
roam among eternal night
Where trees cry in clouds of sorrow

Blood trail that I shall leave behind
Blood that drops from my throat
blood that will set me free

Let my heart be lost upon this gift
I am leaving the world behind
Now when my blood is flowing
And winter cold is embracing me
Void of silence is before me...
Track Name: Into Depths Of Sorrow
Deceased, ruined over time
Without strenght to continue
This worthless meaningless life
That I tried to change
But the future has been written
I know my destiny
Will you belive me
If i cut my throat
Spilling cold, black substance
That makes me something
I am not…

Grim, cold visions
Shapes of unfamiliar existance
That i seek to get away
My mind has collapsed
Will it last long
My blood will stain, the snow

Will i get to know what is Death anymore
Lost on my way
Seeking what’s inevitable

I will cut all life from me
Leaving something worth of existing
I am waiting…
My veins are open
Track Name: Forever Bonded In Suffering
I was dead before I was born
From old corpses of my foul body
I miss what was there
Eternal nothingness and enchanting moon

Blood... I seek in graves
Slowely pouring it down my throat
Forever bonded in Suffering

There is nothing in this world
Which will embrace you as much
As the melodic eternity of death
So sweet.. so perfect...
I feel the cold of unreal dream
My rotten veins freeze
Under spell of death
That cuts my cursed body

Shadows and mist are surrounding me
I breath foul air to feel... death
I have a taste in stench of rottingness
Absorbing my ageless flesh
Adoring the magnification of Death
Nostalgia... my sweet cold end
Track Name: Life Is Self-Destruction
Life left me no hope…
As darkness embraced me
With its black razored hands
I want to die in your arms
There’s no fucking hapiness
My body is falling apart
We are alone in endless solitude
Ordered to suffer

The reality is to cruel to be known
Masked by the false joy of life
Silent cry’s wont save you now
So now take your life away
Take your fucking life

I feel the rain
Again it fills my heart
Like my tears fill the ground

Once again i revisit
The memories…
Once again the blood must be spilled
My life means nothing
Horrors of future that i tried to escape

I am lost
I am dead
I no longer care
For no one ever cared
About my life

And pain grown day by day…
My mind begged for it
I heard its voice
Deep in my scars

Disease has grown inside of me
I am self-destructive
The life is self-destruction
I will die by the blade
And only the memory will be left of me.