Dwelling in the Fullmoon Light

by Nyctophilia



Second full lenght album of Nyctophilia

Written and recorded between December and March 2016/2017
Mixed and mastered Between May and June by Grief
All instruments, vocals and songwriting by Grief


released June 6, 2017

The credit goes to nature and darkness for channeling their force in me.



all rights reserved


Nyctophilia Poland

Nyctophilia is one-man Depressive, Atmospheric Black Metal from
Poland, created in dark December of 2014.
With concept around nature, darkness, Satanism and emotional bond to the spiritual world and death it will take you on a journey to the unknown realms of your mind and soul
Submit to Death
Submit to Darkness...

''Above all, there stands Nature the creator of my soul''
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Track Name: As Nothing Remains Here
No one remembers my name
No one shall drop the tear
Im the wind that travels here
I am nameless
I am endless
Under carpathian mountains
Where my tomb is forgotten

I am the wind
I am nature
I gaze upon the stars
Stars that lit the path
Through spectral forest

Death and darkness devours my time
I gasp for cold air
That will open up my veins
Realesing hot, black blood

My body shivers from I snow
I lay down under mountains slope
On silver ice of eternity
Years i've waited for this day
Final journey begins
As nothing remains here
Track Name: Dark December Forest
Over dark forest the night has come
And snow covered the trees so dark
Life lefts this land
As the moon travels
Through the Northern sky

Silently through the breeze of cold
Over the forgotten land
I can see forest
Dark December forest

My feeleings for this sight
So dark dwelled within my heart
Now are awakend with the winter come
As the moonlight pierces through my soul

...and snow falls silently
Over Dark December forest

Darkness falls across this land
but the sky stays filled with light
So beatiful silver glow
Tearing through the clouds
Now i know my place
Pointed by the frozen wind
To the Dark December forest
Track Name: Dwelling In The Fullmoon Light
And one more time
Sorrow is all that i see
The memories won't leave me
My human shell is being devoured
Everything begs me to hurt myself
The cold has surrounded me
Winter unites with my blood

All the stars are dead now
I feel the grip of ghostly arms
I try to seek help…
When nature speaks to me
In it’s ancient speach

I feel, i can breath
My body can’t resist
And fells into her grip
I have not lived though i got older
The endless solitude
I travel into vast unknown
and breath of forest shall lead

Forest my sould mate
Curse me and bless me
With your mightiest powers
For i am the son of the night
You are the beginning
You are the end
Track Name: Everdarkness Returns
It finally came
The sky is ripped apart
Black force at last it came
Such beatiful ceremony begun
The rain fills ground with cold

The darkness posessed my soul
and moon is showing me the way
With the blessing of eternal shadow
It absorbs everything alive
The everdarkness returns

The ultimate sorcery of death
Darkness hailing supremacy
I can hear the song of dead
Surrounded by black fog
Black cirlce of death

Putrid smell of death
Is filling the air
The new land is created
From the darkness of past

Where wolves are gathering
Howling to the moon
Image from my dreams
The everdarkness returns
Track Name: Alone Abandoned In Darkness
I’ve seen so many moons
So many endless night’s
Walked through despair and dreams
Between life and death
Lost in the starless night

My heart is the moon
My black soul is the void
At night black shape
Takes me to my funeral
The final light is before me

I travel into vast unknown
With forest quiding me
New worlds from my dreams
Shadows and sorrow!
From distance are breaking through

Alone and forgotten
The cold is surrounding me
Frozen voices of the forest
Are speaking to me
So joyfull sound
I burn inside

Where is the solution
Where is the end
I curse the days of mankind
Night and winter is my escape