Death Shall Embrace My Corpse Among These Woods

by Nyctophilia



All Lyrics, Music And Vocals by Grief

Cold and Melancholic music

CDR and TAPE version both limited to 66 copies available on Depressive Illusions website

NOW available at Winterwolf Records


released November 14, 2016

To Nature and Darkness

Photo by Karolina Drabczyk



all rights reserved


Nyctophilia Poland

Nyctophilia is one-man Depressive, Atmospheric Black Metal from
Poland, created in dark December of 2014.
With concept around nature, darkness, Satanism and emotional bond to the spiritual world and death it will take you on a journey to the unknown realms of your mind and soul
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''Above all, there stands Nature the creator of my soul''
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Track Name: Contemplating In Anxiety
Vast walls surround me
The prison made by myself
Victimized i cant escape
It watches my struggle and pain
At the border of existance
My ripped life is your weakness
Suffer from light and humanity

I am the one you hate
I am the one you want to kill

Darkness fell upon us
Yet mirrors reflect your being
But your still unconscious
Of this pathetic creature living

The escape is through shattered mirror
Revealing hate was your help
But the dissonant remains

Blinded by the reflections
Following what has been hidden
Shall i step through the gate

Your suicide is my pleasure
Expose yourself to my hate
Torture is never ending
All lights are fading